I'm ready to own these stores! Should I buy one?

The simple answer is NO. You need to OWN Laundromats and Danny will teach you to do this the way he does. The way he has taught, mentored, and guided thousands to success. Through a scouting, leasing, and equipment renewal process. And yes, you will do it for FREE. The basis for this no-nonsense technique relies on the fact that the Laundromat business resides in LEAESED SPACE. None of this is a secret. Danny has been doing this for over fifteen years. If you feel a bit overwhelmed, don't be. Everything YOU need to know has been formulated into one simple course. Let's get YOU "Cleaning Up in Laundromats"! This information is 100% No questions asked GUARANTEED. It always has been. You won't want a refund, you will be clambering for MORE from Danny. Watch the course, then email him directly.

This course is closed for enrollment.